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Building Partnerships, Driving Awareness and Debate

Hosting a global forum that meets twice a year to explore and exchange ideas and concepts on low-carbon city development. Initially
held as part of a partnership between Shanghai and London, now expanding to other cities to drive awareness amongst the broader global community.

Through speeches, presentations, exhibition and workshops,
we explore

Policies to combat climate change
Clean and renewable energy sources
Best practices in urban planning-design
Showcase low-carbon projects-programs
Technology frontiers and pioneering applications

Our main global supporters and partners

Our partners include local and central governments, NGOs,
university-research institutions, as well as investment advisers and large SEO companies.We work closely with
our partners in the United Kingdom, US, and extend to Europe in sourcing low-carbon technologies, and targeting cleantech companies with proven solutions.

  • The 4th, 2018 COMING SOON

    Hosting a global forum that meets twice a year to explore and exchange ideas and concepts on low-carbon city development...

    2017-11-16 READ MORE
  • The 3rd, April 2016, SHANGHAI

    Shanghai and London came together to stage the third in their series of Low Carbon International Forums on 13th-14th April 2016. This international forum provided a platform for government officials, industry leaders, and distinguished academics to present new policy initiatives, technology solutions, design practices and community efforts in pursuit of a Low Carbon Economy. The forum drew on global best practices and explore the frontiers of knowledge and technology in the environmental field.

    2016-04-15 READ MORE
  • The 2nd, June 2015, LONDON

    Mayor of London's Office, London Sustainable Development Commission, Low Carbon Communities and GP Bullhound established this Summit to support leading London and wider UK corporates active in sustainability.

    2015-06-12 READ MORE
  • The 1st, January 2015, SHANGHAI

    Shanghai and London came together to stage the Low Carbon Forum on 28-29 January 2015 – a two-day event to examine global best practices in how to develop a sustainable city.

    2015-01-30 READ MORE

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