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We will continue working with our international partners to develop and roll out all kinds of education programmes. These will be based on the highly respected and successful schemes that have been developed and delivered in Europe supported by institutions.


We support our student from Shanghai Jiao Tong university, to learn all about climate change science.

Join top-graduates on a journey across Europe and some of its best universities and businesses.

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The delegates will receive best-practice education in systems integration training across the technical, economic and societal domains, drawing on the extensive resources within the network. The delegates will receive dedicated shadowing support from the top business schools and private sector network throughout the programme. The workshops will be forged by the systemic integration of water-energy-food-resource-mobility systems, investment and knowledge innovation.

The aim of the programme for participants will be:

  • To provide cross-sector leadership development and innovation programme to generate action for low-carbon climate and economic resilience in China

  • Global perspective climate science, policy, economics, innovation, and entrepreneurship

  • To deliver a high-caliber ‘learn-by-doing’ programme with community building pedagogic principles in holistic perspective provided by public, private, governmental, and academic arenas

  • To stimulate cross-sector collaboration and innovation to share experience, learn about systems integration and provide frameworks to develop sustainable business initiatives

  • To develop further high-value leadership contacts within Europe and showcase best practices and innovations of Europe


We are facilitating a world-class Low Carbon Institute in Shanghai and to build capacity and capability through world leading accredited education led by Shanghai's top University and in collaboration with the world's top universities.

The Institute will focus on the provision of executive and graduate education to top talents in China and globally focusing on the low-carbon curriculums, including:

Carbon Finance, Carbon Capture & Storage, Climate Change Policy, Carbon Management, Construction Environment, Marine Environment, Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability.

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