Our objective is to provide not just physical space but a fully comprehensive
support environment, where our clients do not have to worry about corporate sustenance.

We provide a full range of administrative, technology, financial,
sales-marketing and more specialized professional services – and customize them to our clients' needs.

As part of our initial “discovery” efforts below, we review and discuss our clients’ particular corporate needs and present alternative service proposals for their consideration.

Our basic service packages
  • Administrative support package – secretarial, meetings, translation

  • Compliance support package – registration, accounting, tax, reporting

  • ITC support package – work-stations, servers, connectivity, networking

  • Living support package – accommodation, transportation

Our extended support functions
  • Preparation of business plans and marketing strategies

  • Technology adaptation to local market conditions in China

  • Finding market opportunities through government connections

  • Providing contract and implementation support

In addition to our general mandate of fostering collaboration, sponsoring research, and disseminating information, we support our technology partners at 4 different levels.

  • 1. Landing...

    We select promising cleantech companies from all around the world and help them establish a presence in China through a variety of support programs.

  • 2. Adaptation...

    We guide our partners in positioning their solutions in China and foster their adaptation to local market conditions with technology development support.

  • 3. Finance...

    Through our investment-finance network, we bring projects and capital to the table – investment in the parent companies abroad or their subsidiaries operating in China.

  • 4. Market...

    The end goal of our technology partnerships is to find or create new market opportunities by working through both government and industry channels.

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