A global destination that will bring focus to environmental and low-carbon causes

An initiative showcase in Lingang Shanghai

Shows and exhibits that will raise environmental awareness and consciousness,
promote environmentally friendly consumption habits and lifestyles.
Technology displays the latest frontier in clean energy,
green buildings, low-carbon transport and circular economy.

500,000 sq. m Showcase Opportunity

development and deployment of sustainable or ‘cleantech’ technologies to enable rapid sustainable economic growth in the region & China.


As part of Lingang showcase compound, the local government will provide land parcels for corporations to build their own pavilions – to present their global mission and display their latest technologies. Lingang government will select the themes and open certain sections for global and Chinese companies alike to bid on with specific exhibition ideas, concepts and venues.

The Crystal

in London is a corporate “sustainable cities initiative” by Siemens, with an exhibition hall and conference center, open to the public.

A Vision

for a World Fair to display “new ideas and new technologies that are now emerging from the creative centers of industry”.

World Expo

has adopted various sustainability themes since 2005, but nothing is left to see since Expos are not meant to be permanent.

Our plan is to follow the vision – to create something that will evolve.


A global destination that will bring focus to environmental and low-carbon causes

Develop a low-carbon exhibition hall with an iconic green design that will become a public destination for local residents and tourists alike, as well as attract low-carbon professionals. First and foremost, we want to provide public education – understand the environmental challenges facing us and recognize the things we can do to prevent degradation.

- Through technology displays, shows and interactive models focus on environmental themes, threats that pose health hazards as well as opportunities for quality improvements.

- Entice institutions and corporations to participate and sponsor exhibits, and technology companies to display their latest low-carbon products, systems and solutions.


Cutting-edge low carbon technology in action. Exhibition venues like films, shows, displays, interactive models, conventional or virtual, can be very effective in raising public awareness and consciousness. But certain topics or themes lend themselves to demonstration effects – real-life models can be effective in conveying messages in a way that entice the public.

Demonstration Venues

Devote large spaces on EXPO grounds to models or constructs that demonstrate innovative ways of generating or conserving energy. Also, deploy new methods and technologies that demonstrate clean-up effects, as well as recycling reclamation applications. Moreover, devote venues to demonstrate household or consumption effects – efficient lighting, cooling, heating; low-carbon materials, finishes, furnishings, etc.

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