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We support and promote all cleantech sectors –we are as committed to resource-savings as we are to clean-energy,

to cleaning the polluting heritage as to reducing carbon emissions.

Thus, our interests range widely, from renewable-energy to carbon-capture-storage,

from water-treatment to industrial-symbiosis– but we still need to take note of certain priorities.

China's Carbon Challenges

Energy-efficiency improvements are as important as energy-source but China's greatest challenge,

coal, is not going away anytime soon – consequences have to be dealt with

through efficiency improvements and emission reductions.

Glaring Technology Gaps

It is foolish to try to identify gaps – science and technology are market or policy driven.

But we see many areas where other countries are more advanced,

China needs catch-up, and technology transfer must be fostered.

Government Priorities

The policy agenda is set and it is in our clients' interests to take note and follow established priorities,

but there are also areas that do not get the attention they deserve, like cleaning up the water supply.

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