Five Trends in the Environmental Protection Industry in 2019

1 Policy trends - Formation of Overall Supervisory Environment

The domestic environmental protection industry has entered the year 2019. Looking at the development of the environmental protection industry, 2019 is undoubtedly a new situation, and the big supervision pattern of soil, water, waste and waste gas has been formed.
Under the new pattern, the environmental protection industry has entered the era of comprehensive policy "cultivation" from the era of policy "sowing".

(1) Policy Deadlines will Force the Industry to Speed up 

In the past four years, policies and regulations covering water, soil, gas and solid waste treatment have been put in place, albeit belatedly.

(2) Policy implementation: environmental inspectors

From the policy perspective, the next priority must be the implementation of environmental policies and regulations, which will be the most important work of the ministry of ecological environment from 2019.
Starting from 2019, environmental protection inspectors led by the ministry of ecological environment will cover all large and small enterprises, and private enterprises and central enterprises will be treated equally.
With environmental laws and regulations in place, penalties involving environmental protection, including fines and criminal liability, will be greatly implemented.

(3) Durability of Policies: Normalization of Supervision
In 2018, the ministry of environmental protection was renamed the ministry of ecological environment, and the change in the name was behind the change in functions and attitudes.
The local environmental protection bureau is also being upgraded to the bureau of ecological environment, and the new
body will assume the task of environmental supervision on a regular basis.
At the end of last year, I was chatting with a journalist friend in nantong.
He said they got an internal report from the newspaper about the acceptance rate of environmental reporting cases in nantong for the whole year of 2018, which is five times that of 2017 and 16 times that of 2016.
In addition to the amazing improvement in case acceptance data, the processing efficiency has also been significantly improved. Many enterprises were indeed investigated and even reported to the newspaper after being reported by an ordinary citizen, which was hard to imagine before.
Today's environmental inspectors are not a windswept movement, but a central part of the daily work of local eco-
environmental bureaus.

2. The Market Trend

They talk about the cold winter, but what is the cold winter? What does the cold winter of environmental protection industry mean?

In fact, there is no need to over-render the winter atmosphere, the specific problem to specific analysis, as the industry practitioners also need not be overly anxious.

As long as the real user demand is still in, it is still spring time for the industry. Even in the cold winter, the environmental protection industry still has a strong demand:

(1) Environmental Monotoring

(2) Hazardous Waste Management

(3) Waste Incenaration

(4) Waste Water Treatment

(5) Watershed management

(6) Rural pollution control

3. Trends in Funding

(1) The Big Environment

The trend of the future environment is to lay down the burden and gradually reduce the leverage. It is not clear how long this will take, but it will certainly not be completed in one or two years.

(2) What will be the impact on us: the government's ability to pay for environmental protection

(3) What can we do about it: Operating funds of environmental protection enterprises

It is difficult to replicate the gaming and high-growth investment logic in 2019. After the economic downturn, cash is the lifeline of enterprises, keep their own lifeline.

4. Business Management

Cultivate internal strength and seize the era of technological dividend

(1) From Individual Work to Cooperation

(2) The technology dividend is starting to explode

(3) At the end of the environmental protection industry, apart from technology service companies, all other types of companies are just passing through, no matter how brilliant they have been in the process, and will eventually be doomed to be outsiders.

5. The Last Section

The reason why the enterprises in the environmental protection industry feel that the current winter is a little cold and they don't know how to deal with the current situation is that we are used to sailing with the wind, and we are unprepared for sailing against the wind. 

Although the economic situation is the most severe in 40 years, this does not mean that China's economic growth and industrial development has stopped.

The challenge is to shift from manufacturing to research and development, from scaling up to innovation, and to keep an open mind to learn.

Have tried to be powerless, also have struggled to move themselves.

But can not see the trend, and then wonderful times have nothing to do with you.

Every environmental company should do at least three things well in 2019:

Firstly, to actively cultivate excellent management team;

Secondly, to maintain sustainable development, ensure the stable operation of projects to meet standards, and avoid blind expansion;

Thirdly, to continuously innovate and work hard.

(source: 环境风向标)